Saturday, 1 August 2015

XR's Health and Wellness Consultation

XR’s Health and Wellness Consultation
$70 dollar value now free for limited time
Break down of what our consultation covers

-Body Composition and Fitness Assessment-done by a trainer
·         Find out how much body fat you carry not just how much you weigh
·         Find out where you carry your weight- are you apple or a pear
·         Are you soft or toned and tight
·         Find out
            How well conditioned is your
            1.     Upper body
            2.     Midsection
            3.     Lower body

-Orthopedic Assessment-done by a therapist
·         Find out if you have any joint problems, muscle problems or any other problems related to the musculoskeletal system

-Traditional Chinese Medical Assessment-done by a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor
·         Find out if you have any underlying health conditions or hormonal imbalance

·         Find out which of your body’s systems are weak and which ones are strong based on Chinese Medicine

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